This web site is about opting out of certain choices in life. In particular there are certain things that are so negative that it is best to opt out of them altogether. For example, forced public schooling, industrial food, tv, and credit card debt.

I am in fact an opt out. I know because the government told me so. My story begins with a business trip that required me to pass through Ohare airport. While I was standing in the security line, the TSA decided to power on the back scatter X ray machines. One of the uniformed agents directed me towards the scanner. I informed her that I preferred not to go through the machine. I do not want to be exposed to unneeded radiation or have my naked anatomy  on file with the government.

She pointed to a spot on the floor and said “Stand right here.” Then she announced in a very loud voice “We have an opt out!” I inquired about what would happen next. She informed me that because I had been instructed to go through the machine and declined that I would be frisked. I eventually went through the metal detector and was frisked by a very large man in a uniform. If he had spent an extra five minutes and rubbed a little harder, I would have had to pay for a massage.

There you have it, I am an opt out. While I was waiting for my pat down, a fellow traveller joined me. I think that there are more of us out there. Together we can choose better alternatives.

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