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Wish You Could Interview John Saxon?

John Saxon created one of the most popular math curricula used by home schools. He is no longer with us today. However, Art Robinson did interview the author of the Saxon Math curriculum. He makes the recording available on his website for us to listen to.

In a home school, the curriculum can be chosen based solely on the results it is expected to produce. These results can best be predicted based on past results. John Saxon comes across as a results oriented individual. We can make data driven decisions about how to transmit math knowledge to our students.

I discovered this interview while researching curriculum. It provided worthwhile background on Saxon Math from the man who created it. The fundamentals of math have not changed much since Newton invented calculus and that there is no reason to buy brand new books if old ones in good condition can be found.

I’d love to hear your comments if you have time to listen to the interview. What math curriculum do you choose and why?