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Letter From a Concerned Mother

A letter reprinted in the introduction to What Do You Really Want for Your Children by Wayne Dyer provided an example of a common problem. One quote that made a great impression on me was this one.

“I want to see my three smallest children-ages eight, seven and six-educated without all the approval-seeking brainwashing that myself and various schools have used to all but destroy my fourteen-year-old.”

How many people are happy with the schools that their children attend? How many are satisfied with their own past experiences with school? Later the letter writer goes on to say the following.

“Do you know of anywhere that I can get them educated without all the nonsense? Is there maybe an experimental school…”

Wayne Dyer included the letter as an example of something he kept at the front of his mind while he was writing the book. He did not mention if he replied to the woman or what he advised her to do. He also did not report on what course of action the woman took.

Why Not Just Opt Out?

It struck me that the woman was a perfect candidate for homeschooling. Having become dissatisfied with the current system, she would do well to opt out of it. If she chose homeschooling she would be in complete control of the curriculum. I doubt anyone has a more vested interest in the successful education of her children than she does. She could provide the encouragement that her children need and dispense with all the “nonsense.”