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Three Reasons to Get Rid of Credit Card Debt

Picture yourself paying cash for your next new computer. Would you enjoy it more because it was completely paid for from the moment you took it home and plugged it in? Credit card debt can hang over your head like a rain cloud and cause undue anxiety. This will inhibit the enjoyment of life. I know that is how I felt before I paid off my credit cards in full. Below I list the top three reasons to eliminate credit card debt.

1. Start Saving for Retirement

In order to retire, you must develop a positive net worth. It is important to set aside some of the surplus during times of abundance so that it will be available later. If you have credit card debt that carries an interest rate into the double digits, there is no safer way to make 10% plus on your money than paying off your credit cards.

2. Reduce Complication

How many bills do you pay every month? Every monthly bill that can be eliminated makes life simpler. When a card is paid off there will be no fretting over late fees if the bill is not paid on time. There will also be one less thing to worry about and less paper to track.

3. Peace of Mind

The sense of inner peace that comes from debt elimination is priceless. Throwing off the debt yoke will enable you to move forward unburdened. The money saved on interest can be used to establish savings that will help when an unplanned expense occurs.


Credit card debt profits the large banks that issue the cards and is detrimental to the net worth of those who choose to carry a balance. You can choose to pay off those balances and opt out of credit card debt.